Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pink Eye and Potty Training

"Don't touch your eyes. Go wash your hands."

"Do you have to go potty?"

"Back to the bathroom. Wash your hands again."

"I didn't hear the toilet flush."

"Stop touching your eyes!!!"

Ahhh...nothing quite like Spring Break! I had a brilliant plan. We would fill our days with yard work and spring cleaning while blissfully training 2.5-year-old twins to use the potty. It was going to be so nice. Then, by the end of the week, I'd never have to buy diapers again.

Not so much...

On Sunday, I knew I had pink eye, and suspected that Jax did, too. By Monday morning, I was also sick with some kind of cold. Jax and Mike, too. And so, on that first "heavenly" day of Spring Break, I cuddled on the couch with my kids and got up every 15-20 minutes to take someone to the potty. Well, to be fair, I only took Lacey a few times. She refuses to sit on the toilet. Once, she farted, said "All done", and left the room. I guess she's just not ready.

Now, on the third day of training, I still have pink eye and a mystery illness. Jax will probably be cured of at least the pink eye by tomorrow. I can't even tell you how happy I am to announce that Piper was dry ALL DAY today!!!! Even after her nap! So proud of that girl! Keep your fingers crossed for us...PLEASE!?

There are some fabulous people on Etsy who make beautiful vegan mineral eyeshadows, in millions of colors. However, I decided that if I made beautiful vegan mineral eyeshadow, I wouldn't want it referenced with pink eye. So, no pink eye pics. LOL!

From Said In Stone, Potty Shots Vinyl Decals
OK, where were the vinyl toilet decals 2 years ago?! I'm definitely getting one for a friend's little boy, who just turned 10-months-old and is sitting on the potty. But, only because he poops on the floor every night at bath time. ;)

From Small Threads, Fancy Pants for girls
 I love the Fancy Pants! Especially the rainbows!

From Marcellas 3 Monkeys, Potty like a Rockstar Onesie
Hmm...wonder what that looks like? Probably pretty awesome!

From Tulip Girls, a Super Pooper Award
My kids would wear this and be SO proud...and so would my husband!

Good night, everyone!



urban craft said...

These are all brilliant! I'm gonna need every single one of them as I am working on potty training my boy very soon!

Amy @ Positively Splendid said...

I can already tell I am going to love your blog. I am so sorry about the pink eye - but so entertained by the way you describe your predicament! Potty training - even under the best of circumstances - is seriously the pits, isn't it?

Brianne said...

Oh my gosh, I am SOOOOO gonna need those vinyl stickers. Those are friggin awesome.

Why can't they make super cool panties like that for moms?!

Love the super pooper ribbon. I need one of those. Like yesterday.

Sarah @ Sugar Bananas said...

Oh I feel for you about the pink eye AND potty training! But, the award is hilarious. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the funny stories. Have a great weekend!

ps - I'm your newest follower :)