Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pink Eye and Potty Training

"Don't touch your eyes. Go wash your hands."

"Do you have to go potty?"

"Back to the bathroom. Wash your hands again."

"I didn't hear the toilet flush."

"Stop touching your eyes!!!"

Ahhh...nothing quite like Spring Break! I had a brilliant plan. We would fill our days with yard work and spring cleaning while blissfully training 2.5-year-old twins to use the potty. It was going to be so nice. Then, by the end of the week, I'd never have to buy diapers again.

Not so much...

On Sunday, I knew I had pink eye, and suspected that Jax did, too. By Monday morning, I was also sick with some kind of cold. Jax and Mike, too. And so, on that first "heavenly" day of Spring Break, I cuddled on the couch with my kids and got up every 15-20 minutes to take someone to the potty. Well, to be fair, I only took Lacey a few times. She refuses to sit on the toilet. Once, she farted, said "All done", and left the room. I guess she's just not ready.

Now, on the third day of training, I still have pink eye and a mystery illness. Jax will probably be cured of at least the pink eye by tomorrow. I can't even tell you how happy I am to announce that Piper was dry ALL DAY today!!!! Even after her nap! So proud of that girl! Keep your fingers crossed for us...PLEASE!?

There are some fabulous people on Etsy who make beautiful vegan mineral eyeshadows, in millions of colors. However, I decided that if I made beautiful vegan mineral eyeshadow, I wouldn't want it referenced with pink eye. So, no pink eye pics. LOL!

From Said In Stone, Potty Shots Vinyl Decals
OK, where were the vinyl toilet decals 2 years ago?! I'm definitely getting one for a friend's little boy, who just turned 10-months-old and is sitting on the potty. But, only because he poops on the floor every night at bath time. ;)

From Small Threads, Fancy Pants for girls
 I love the Fancy Pants! Especially the rainbows!

From Marcellas 3 Monkeys, Potty like a Rockstar Onesie
Hmm...wonder what that looks like? Probably pretty awesome!

From Tulip Girls, a Super Pooper Award
My kids would wear this and be SO proud...and so would my husband!

Good night, everyone!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Another day, another moustache...

I don't know why, but things with a moustache on them crack me up. So, because it's so tough to get an
Etsy Treasury, I'm creating my own here. You may call me the curator of all things moustachioed. ;)

Mustache Crayons by Chase Dreams

The Evening Soiree Mustache Props by Whisker Works

Mustache Onesie by One Artsy Mama

Keep Calm and Grow a Mustache print by 3LambsGraphics

Fuzzy Moustache Stickers by Yummy Pocket

Mr. Red & White Mo rattle by Chunky Chooky

Mr. Moustache Chalkboard by Playing Grown Up

Original Stache a Day magnets by HowNice

Funky Pink Moustache Keyring by Vintage Candy Designs

In my research, LOL, for today's blog, I have discovered that my subject can be spelled m-o-u-stache or m-u-stache. I don't know about you, but I prefer moustache, pronounced moo-stache.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Crazy Weekend Fun!

The technical difficulties continue...but, YAY, so does the fun! ;)

On Saturday, I took the kids to a craft show at the Library. Lacey and Piper needed to wear their green velvet Christmas dresses. With sandals. In March.

They were a huge hit! The craft show, however, was a huge disappointment. The venue was horribly small and there were way too many people selling the same thing. I did get some amazing tea, though, from
Tea-rrific. I brought home Orange Spice, natural flavors, no sweeteners. Yum!

I've been experimenting lately with freezer paper stencils. Using my Cricut and Cricut DesignStudio Software, I can make just about whatever I want. So cool! But...I don't like what I made this weekend. Let me just say, the technique is awesome, easy, and gives great results. I just hate the picture I made. So, hesitantly, I'm sharing my latest project...

The first picture is the stencil before painting. I cut the freezer paper to size for my Cricut, designed the image, then ironed it onto one of the girls old, stained white shirts. It was a flawless process. Then I painted it. I used acrylic paints because they were what I had on hand. It was really easy.

What I don't like: First, so I don't have to hear it from anyone else, the eyes are creepy. I know. Ick. Also, the boy definitely looks like he has a broken back and a skirt. Hawt! Next time, I'll spend a little more time in the DesignStudio perfecting the picture. This whole thing only took about 5 minutes to make. And, though I'm sure you can't tell, their arms and legs are exclamation points. (!!!!!!) While I like the cheapness of acrylic paint, if there's too much anywhere, it cracks. So fabric paint is a must. I don't know, it's not that bad. But still...

So, what should I make next?