Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 7 and/or Day 8

I'm back!

Yesterday, I felt horrible. Today, while still not 100%, I am much better and definitely up to a little typing. Today, I'm doing catch-up work. On my list: a bow that resembles an Italian flag, flowers, and lots of tiny bows.

I made this:

times 2 for my friend's daughter, Haylee. She has everything I've ever made...almost. But these bows will match a dress she has perfectly. Can you tell that the top layer is glittery organza? LOVE! It's just so pretty!

And, because I missed yesterday, check this out:

My husband and I made this as a Christmas gift, but now we're recreating it for our house, too. Although, for our house, I'd like it to be more colorful. Probably patterned paper backgrounds, colored mats; I can't quite see colored silhouettes, but maybe.

See you tomorrow!