Friday, March 26, 2010

Shoes, shoes, shoes

We've started the endless hunt for new shoes for Lacey and Piper. And they are tough customers. Everything I think they will love, they hate. Whatever they love barely fits on their still chubby little feet. So I thought I'd see what I could find on Etsy. OMG!

Why don't I have a baby to shop for?!?! Pathetically, I actually get jealous of people that get to buy shoes like these for their babies. LOL! These gorgeous shoes are from Small Beans. There are also some adorable "fancy pants" and beautiful dresses in this shop.

LaLa! Shoes, from Europe, makes these beautiful 100% wool shoes in all different colors and styles. And, there are some great boy-friendly shoes, too!

OK, this pair would actually fit my girls and I LOVE them! Handmade leather wedge sandals from Tuto are definitely on my must-have list for summer! And, there are some other great little girl shoes, too. Check out the daisy-decorated ones! Tuto also makes beautiful women's shoes.

Where do you find your favorite shoes?


Tracy said...

I LOVE those sandals!! I buy my DS shoes at Target (not too exciting) and so far have made my babies shoes (crochet booties) but she's not walking yet!