Friday, March 19, 2010

Night 4...

When I was younger, maybe 9 or 10, my mom had this sweater that I LOVED! I wore it whenever I could and always thought I was so cool in her bright pink and orange striped sweater. That has always been one of my favorite color combinations, and I think of that sweater whenever I see those colors together.

Imagine how happy I was when my friend, Joan, commissioned a SweetStuff Organizer from me and said that her daughter's room has bright pink and orange flowers on the walls!

This is the finished product. Kinda retro, definitely cute. The flowers are my favorite part. They're just wooden circles painted and arranged. So simple!

I remembered Joan saying that her daughter has been asking for braids so she can see her bows at the bottom and made her these:

They not only finish off the ends of the bow holders perfectly, they'll look great in little Claire's hair, too!

You're probably suspecting that I didn't make this today. And you're right. I'm making something now, but I have a deadline to meet and it's approaching fast. ; ) I DID make it, though, LOL!

A new Etsy post is coming soon...



mrsjtg said...

Love all of it, Katie! Just noticed you have a blog that Kerry follows. I'm onto you now! Claire's hair bow organizer looks great in her room. You are amazing!!

Peachy & Pip said...

Thanks, Joan!! ♥