Saturday, March 20, 2010

A weekend with Cookie the Cat

We have a guest in our house this weekend. Jax brought Cookie the Cat home from school and she's keeping us busy. He is in preschool and she is his homework...and mine.

Cookie is a counting cat. She "uses" her tail to help the 4-year-olds count everything. It's our (my) job to take pictures of and journal her weekend with our family for Jax to share with his class on Monday. I realize now how boring we really are. Special events have been scheduled all weekend so we'll have something to take pictures of.

Last night, Cookie met the Easter Bunny:

It was a disasterous trip to the mall, but it makes for a great cat adventure.

The trip made me realize that it's time to start thinking about Easter dresses for my girls. This dress is at the top of my list:

It's from SnotKidClothing on Etsy. Piper would rock this dress. I love the bubbley bottom AND when you lift it up, the inside of the skirt is PINK! So precious! Joy, who makes these amazing clothes, also came up with a great name for my German ribbon skull bows. "Tat-too Cute"! Awwwww... She also makes some super cute bowling shirts for boys, too! Check her out!!

See you later with another creation!



Kindle Vixen said...

That dress is adorable! Love it. I am totally logged into the wrong blogger account so its me, Tiffany LOL

tiffany said...

k, im back with the right blogger account :) anyway i love that dress, its adorable.

Peachy & Pip said...

Willow would be fabulous in this dress, too! Hi! ♥