Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 5

I'm tired. This afternoon, I started working on a project that I've had in my head for a while, and now that project and I are at an artistic impasse. Grrr! (Don't ask what it is, though, because I'm still hoping to finish it for tomorrow's post.) I'm sitting here, staring at this THING on my desk, willing it to be finished so I don't have to make any more decisions. Wimpy, I know, but sometimes it happens this way. The hot glue is set, I'm not ripping it apart, and I have to "make it work". Maybe Tim Gunn is on his way over with some encouraging words...

This is my kitchen table:

I'm working on flowers right now, beading up the centers! It's a little crazy, and takes forever to clean up. But, the finished project is totally worth it! See:

This is definitely one of my favorite flowers!

Now, back to wrestling with a headband.


A weekend with Cookie the Cat

We have a guest in our house this weekend. Jax brought Cookie the Cat home from school and she's keeping us busy. He is in preschool and she is his homework...and mine.

Cookie is a counting cat. She "uses" her tail to help the 4-year-olds count everything. It's our (my) job to take pictures of and journal her weekend with our family for Jax to share with his class on Monday. I realize now how boring we really are. Special events have been scheduled all weekend so we'll have something to take pictures of.

Last night, Cookie met the Easter Bunny:

It was a disasterous trip to the mall, but it makes for a great cat adventure.

The trip made me realize that it's time to start thinking about Easter dresses for my girls. This dress is at the top of my list:

It's from SnotKidClothing on Etsy. Piper would rock this dress. I love the bubbley bottom AND when you lift it up, the inside of the skirt is PINK! So precious! Joy, who makes these amazing clothes, also came up with a great name for my German ribbon skull bows. "Tat-too Cute"! Awwwww... She also makes some super cute bowling shirts for boys, too! Check her out!!

See you later with another creation!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Night 4...

When I was younger, maybe 9 or 10, my mom had this sweater that I LOVED! I wore it whenever I could and always thought I was so cool in her bright pink and orange striped sweater. That has always been one of my favorite color combinations, and I think of that sweater whenever I see those colors together.

Imagine how happy I was when my friend, Joan, commissioned a SweetStuff Organizer from me and said that her daughter's room has bright pink and orange flowers on the walls!

This is the finished product. Kinda retro, definitely cute. The flowers are my favorite part. They're just wooden circles painted and arranged. So simple!

I remembered Joan saying that her daughter has been asking for braids so she can see her bows at the bottom and made her these:

They not only finish off the ends of the bow holders perfectly, they'll look great in little Claire's hair, too!

You're probably suspecting that I didn't make this today. And you're right. I'm making something now, but I have a deadline to meet and it's approaching fast. ; ) I DID make it, though, LOL!

A new Etsy post is coming soon...


Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm just getting home from a great night at Bunco! I won!! YAY! And, I got to hang with some really fun ladies, too! In honor of this fantastic Bunco night, check this out.

It's called a Crock Frock! Cute, right? A little crazy, but so is Bunco, so I think it's fab! I'm definitely getting one for my mom, she'll be crazy for it. I really love that you can put a dress and scrunchie on anything! LOL! What did I tell you? You can find literally anything on Etsy!

Good night!


Day 3

Jax is my little boy. He is silly, crazy, and so sweet. Lately, he's been talking about what other people are wearing. "Hey, mom, your shirt matches mine." "Oh my gosh, Lacey and Piper have the same bow in their hair!" It's not the most exciting milestone, but it does give me an opportunity to get him excited about accessories. ; )

This is my Spider-Man bow. I made it with Jax in mind, thinking how much he would love to notice that some little girl had a super hero bow in her hair. It's 3" wide, and I only have 2 of them. Why only 2? To answer that, let me tell you where the red spiderweb ribbon came from. It's the handle of a gift bag from Jax's 4th birthday. I'm not going to buy a gift bag just to get more ribbon for these bows, so I'll wait until his next birthday and check out the handles on those bags. Or maybe lurk at other parties, waiting for someone to leave this bag behind. Maybe...



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I can't believe I forgot to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! Oops! In honor of the day, please LOVE this gorgeous dress:

from Peekaboo Designs on Etsy. Isn't it fabulous? Plus, it matches my blog! ; )

While we're on the subject, let me just say something about Etsy. If you've never checked it out, do it tonight!!! It is an incredible website filled with amazing talent. You can find anything on Etsy. Literally anything. Don't believe me? Search for yourself. Some of the stuff is creepy, some of it is strange, and SO much of what you find is thoughtful, beautiful, and expertly crafted. I believe in Etsy and you should, too.

Now go, shop on Etsy, make someone's dreams come true!


Day 2!

 Hi Everyone!! It's a beautiful afternoon in Las Vegas, perfect for holing up inside and writing a blog. LOL!

My friend Tera had a bow for her daughter that she LOVED and wanted something of the same style in different colors. She asked me if I could recreate it for her. This is her bow:

I said yes, but honestly didn't know if I could do it. The bow is the easy part, but I agonize over color selection and patterns. Seriously, if it's not just right, I'm not happy. Grrr!

Tera wanted a red and black bow. Once I figured out what I wanted to use, making the bow turned into something really fun. The bow turned out beautiful!! Not exactly like the original inspiration, but maybe a little better.
I started planning my next creation right away, and this is it:

The strawberry ribbon has been a favorite for a long time, but I only had a little bit left, so I've been saving it for a special project. I could only make 2 bows, and they are fabulous. Each bow is 4.5" wide. The little white spots were hand-painted on the strawberry to give it an extra pop. Imagine these in pig tails! I'll definitely be making this style again, but not all the time, because I still agonize over the ribbon selection! : p

Thanks, Tera, for pushing me out of my comfort zone. It was definitely worth it!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 1

Well, I'm not off to the greatest start, but it's still today, so it'll be OK. ;)

A couple of months ago, I bought this:
from Chickadee's Supplies on Etsy. The patterns are amazing and Petra, who owns the shop, is fantastic, too! I call it my "German ribbon". It's actually like a really cool jacquard.  Anyway, I only ordered 18 inches of each ribbon and am SO excited to use them all. The biggest challenge is finding a way to use the ribbon to its fullest because I have so little of it.

This is my first project:
I couldn't be happier with how these bows turned out! They don't have a name...yet, but I'm taking suggestions. : )

That's it for tonight! Thanks for looking!


Monday, March 15, 2010

My crazy plan...

I have been inspired!
A couple of friends have been working on one of those “picture-a-day” blogs for a while now and it’s really SO cool. So, I started thinking, I make something every day, maybe I should do it, too. And here it is! The unofficial name of this project will be “Bow-a-day for 365 nights”.

There have to be some rules, though. First, I will make something EVERY day. There will probably be days when my project is less than mind-blowing, but that’s part of the fun! You can laugh with me! Second, I have to post something EVERY day. Obviously.

Undoubtedly, this will be a difficult task, especially with 3 crazy kids and 1 crazy husband. More than difficult, though, I expect it to be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

The fun starts tomorrow…